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Audi crosslane coupe. Copyright Audi. All rights reserved.

Audi crosslane coupé makes its debut at the Paris Motor Show

Audi provides a glimpse of the future shape of design, along with automotive and drive concepts, through its Audi crosslane coupé concept car. This vehicle is an entirely new fusion of technology, engineering and design, and provides pointers to the design language of Audi’s future Q
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Markus Winkelhock with the Audi R8 e-tron. Copyright Audi. All Rights Reserved.

Audi R8 e-tron Sets World Record

GERMANY—The future of electric mobility at Audi is highly dynamic: The R8 e-tron has set a world record for a production vehicle with an electric drive system on the Nürburgring Nordschleife – the toughest test track in the world. Racing driver Markus Winkelhock piloted the high-perfo
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Eight Automakers Agree on Standardized Electric Vehicle Charging

Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Porsche and Volkswagen have all announced at the Electric Vehicle Symposium 26 that they will agree to support a new single-port fast-charging technology that will recharge vehicle EV batteries in just 15 to 20 minutes. This marks th
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With A6 Plug-in Hybrid, Audi Moves to Full Electrified Lineup

There are many electric car projects at Volkswagen. They extend from a small city car to a supercar. The small car is the E-Up, which we’ve seen as a concept last year, and which should be launched sometime next year. Next is the electric Golf. That is the Golf Blue-e-Motion, wh
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Beijing 2012: Audi Unveils A6 L e-tron Concept Plug-In Hybrid

Audi is looking to the future in China – and not just with its sales: this week at the Beijing auto show, it pulled the wraps off of its newest plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the A6 L e-tron Concept. Powering the A6 L e-tron Concept is a parallel hybrid system that combines a 2.0 TF
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