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Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. Copyright Porsche. All rights reserved.

Sporty, functional, efficient: Panamera Sport Turismo

Porsche is presenting the Panamera Sport Turismo concept car to show how amazingly intelligent and efficient drive technology might look in the design language of tomorrow. The Sport Turismo unites the next generation hybrid drive with new ideas for an evolutionary, sporty body concep
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Mars Rover Curiosity. Copyright NASA. All rights reserved.

Powering Curiosity

Mount Sharp, Gale Crater, Mars — On August 5th, at 1:32 a.m. EST, NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory successfully landed another rover on Mars. This marked the most complex landing ever attempted on the Red Planet, involving rocket backpacks, a sky crane, parachutes, a heat shield, and a
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2013 Lincoln MKZ. Copyright Lincoln. All rights reserved.

MKZ Hybrid available at same price as base gasoline-powered model

DEARBORN, Michigan – Lincoln became the first automaker to offer luxury customers a premium hybrid vehicle with a suggested retail price matching its conventional gas sibling, starting with the MKZ Hybrid in 2010. This model has been a key component to bringing new customers into Linc
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MTSU Developing A Plug-in Hybrid Retrofit Kit For Any Car

MURFREESBORO — Powered by at least nine Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) students’ work since 2008, Dr. Charles Perry continues driving toward success in the development of the plug-in hybrid retrofit kit for any car. Perry, who holds the Russell Chair of Manufacturing Excelle
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Copyright Flight of the Century. All rights reserved.

Yates Breaks Electric Flight World Record

CALIFORNIA —After setting a 196 mph record speed for the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, Chip Yates, an electric vehicle pioneer and green innovator, set his sights on electric aircrafts. The previous electric flight record of 175 mph, held by Hugues Duval in the Cri-Cri in 2011,
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