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Five Electric Cars that will Stretch Your Mileage

Cars With Superior Gas Mileage Car technology has come a long way. In the fight to decrease dependency on oil and avoid high gas prices, more electric-powered cars are starting to make their way onto the scene. It’s now possible to get what’s referred to as an mpg equivale
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Mitsubishi EV Tops Greenest Car Rankings

For the first time in 12 years, an electric vehicle is the greenest new car sold in the United States. The Mitsubishi i — known everywhere else as the i-MiEV — came out on top when the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy crunched the numbers. To calculate ratings, the bea
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The All-Electric Mitsubishi i MiEV to Launch in Four States

Mitsubishi will bring its first all-electric vehicle to market in the United States with its fall 2011 launch of the 2012 i MiEV in California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. By March 2012, the vehicle should be released in the Northeast and a full nationwide rollout is expected by De
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