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Toyota i-ROAD. Copyright Toyota. All rights reserved.

Changing Mobility and Lives, Three Wheels at a Time

Residents of Toyota City, Japan, might be wondering what they just saw on the street. If it had three wheels and was leaning around a corner, it was the “i-Road”, Toyota’s ultra-compact all-electric, all-fun concept. On Sunday, the i-Road, which weighs a mere 300 kg
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Hyundai E4U Personal Mobility Vehicle. Copyright Hyundai. All rights reserved.

Hyundai E4U: Personal Mobility Vehicle

SEOUL, South Korea — The ‘E4U,’ exhibited at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show, is one of the winners of the ‘IDEA festival 2012,’ Hyundai Motor Group R&D Center’s internal contest, aimed at discovering fresh ideas on future mobility. Hyundai engineers can vo
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Kenguru vehicles. Copyright Kenguru. All rights reserved.

Kenguru® Offers Wheelchair-Accessible EV

People who get around in a wheelchair have little options when it comes to a personal means of transportation. Kenguru® is a small, low-speed electric vehicle designed for wheelchair-bound drivers that provides quick and easy access. The vehicle opens in the rear, has a ramp for entry
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